Welcome to attend the SuperDARN workshop 2022!This year’s workshop is hosted by National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting is again virtual only. It is with great regret that we are not able to get together in Beijing. However, we hope that the discussion and science presented at this year’s virtual workshop will be as productive and fruitful as ever.

This year we will host pre-recorded presentations sessions along with question and answer chat. We will also host some live sessions with short “lighting” presentations through Webex for more interactivity.

The pre-recorded presentations will be available to view all week at your leisure through the Pre-recorded Conference Entrance on the workshop home page. Videos less than 15 minutes are welcomed for pre-recorded conference. You can also upload slices or pdf files. When submitting pre-recorded presentation, please ensure your file(s) are named correctly: Last_Name-Presentation_Title.

Due to the appropriate time for all time zones is very limited, perhaps 12-15 UTC is the best choice for live sessions. Please choose whether you want to participate in live sessions when submitting abstract. Even if you choose to participate in live sessions, you are encouraged to submit your pre-recorded presentation, so that participants can view it at any time during the workshop.

All the Best,

LOC, SuperDARN workshop 2022

Important Dates
  • Meeting Dates

    30 May-3 June, 2022

  • Registration Deadline

    5 May, 2022

  • Abstract Submission Deadline

    5 May, 2022

  • Presentation Submission Deadline

    15 May, 2022


Pre-recorded conference entrance is open!

Dear participants,The Pre-recorded conference entrance is open now!You can view and download all the presentations from now on until 3 June 2022. You can also communicate by the question and answer chat.Enjoy the conference!SD workshop 2022 LOC


Final programs have been released!

Dear participants,The final programs for the pre-recorded conference and live session have been released!Please click "Program" in the navigation bar to download them.Best Regards,SD workshop 2022 LOC


Program for pre-recorded conference and live session have been released!

Dear participants of SD workshop 2022,The draft of the programs for pre-recorded conference and live session have been released! Please click “Program” to download the programs.Any problem, please contact the LOC with no hesitate!Best Regards,SD workshop 2022 LOC

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